Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 4/5/11

Weight = 186.6
Loss = –1.8

Feeling so much better now and it shows in my weigh.  My stomach is not bloated and production :-)  is regular.  Next week I am hoping to go lower than my lowest of 185.  184 sounds like a great number.

Big week around here.  My parents are coming into town to watch the kiddies, which mean I have to CLEAN.  Friday I have to volunteer at the school for the jog-a-thon (if no rain) and then boogie home to shower for my hair and makeup.  I am going all out for the party.  Luckily I have an awesome hair person.  If you are in So Cal I highly highly recommend her.  Then we check into our hotel for the night, the party is at 7pm.  The next day hubby and I are taking a cooking class.  Weird thing I am equally as excited for both events.  But oh course a mother’s work is never done.  Friday night is my son’s special “under the lights” baseball game and potluck. So I have to make a dessert and prep my parents for the the crap.

!0 years married, wow, seems like yesterday.

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