Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 4/12/11 & Weekend Recap

Weight = 188.2
Loss = +1.6

Considering the last 5 days or so, nearly 2 pound gain isn't bad.  Sorry I was MIA last week, so much going on.

I spent the tail end of last week rushing the get my house cleaned and all my ducks in a row for the Anniversary party.  My parents offered to have us stay the night away so I had to make sure everything was taken care of before we left.  You all get where I am coming from.  My son had a baseball game the same night as the party too.  I didn’t exercise wed thru mon.  I managed 2 brief walks on Sunday and Monday.  Kettlebell class is going to hurt tonight.

The party was amazing.  To explain, we had a cocktail party on the same boat we were married on 10 years ago.  Drinks, appetizers and a DJ was the basic plan.  About 35 friends joined us in the festivities.  I started out wearing my wedding dress.  A wonderful friend modified the dress for me to a cocktail length.  About 45 min into the party I put on a much more flattering dress.  I don’t have the good pictures yet, so I will post them asap.  We danced, drank and partied all night.  We partied so hard that we barely noticed the thunderstorm going on right on top of our well covered heads
The next morning hubby and I had ham and cheese croissants on the beach and headed to our cooking class.  The theme of my eating on Saturday was CARBS.  The class was on specialty breads – pretzels, bagels, English muffins and pitas.  The bagels and pitas, were cool.  English muffins are too difficult and the pretzels were blah.  I walked out of the class feeling like the Pillsbury dough boy.  For dinner I had a delish baked potato.  My calves were in pain from the dancing.
Sunday hubby went back to work but I continued with the eating.  I attended a wonderful tea with some great ladies.  Tea with all the yummy stuff - sammies, scones, and desserts.  I ate but not overate.  Big difference in my world.

More later, Hubby needs some attention.  It is our Saturday :-)

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