Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring All Around

I have already spent a good part of my morning trying to wrestle a toddler who is bound and determined to be naked (no diaper).  Naked tushies is a sure sign of spring.

This week we started our garden.  We have a ton of space that I don’t think we use efficiently.  I want us to get to the point where we garden year round.  We live in Southern California, so it should be possible.  This year we are starting with mature plants instead of seeds.  We had luck with some seeds in the the past (tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, squash) but not all (eggplants, bell peppers).  Hubby and I are major novices with gardening.

Pic #1 is Anaheim chilies – too many in one area, my humble opinion
Pic #2 still to plant – yellow peppers and eggplant
Pic #3 lots of space or dirt pit for boys
Pic #4 tomatoes and eggplant

Anaheim chilis still to go so much space eggplant and tomatoes

In pic #1 you can see that hubby covered the area with grass clippings.  I guess it acts as weed control.  Hubby also likes to use containers to assist with watering and again weed control.  We ran out of containers to use.

I am off to work on my front yard.  Time to mow, weed, trim and put in new plants.

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