Sunday, April 17, 2011

Plan Derailment

I can go with the flow but on the other hand I am a scheduler and planner.  Big kid is on spring break so the plan is to head to Nana and PopPop’s so hubby can stay home and get some big “honey do’s” done without us (namely the toddler) in the way.  Plus we get to relax up in the mountains.  I also planned to go to my trainer’s Super Sunday class.  I had a sitter lined up and some post class errand plans.

SORRY not gonna happen

Last night and all night my little one (toddler, baby whatever he is my baby but he is over 2) puked.  He didn’t stop until 4am.  He got sick again this at 8 am too.  I canceled the sitter at 11:30 pm last night when we were already on round 6 of puking.  He is so so right now, clingy.  Not sure what this is and not sure if it’s going to spread throughout the family.  I have a boatload of laundry to do since baby has no aim.

I really wanted to go to the Super Sunday class.  It is only once a month and apparently fun, I’ve never been.  I need to push right now.  I am not on track and my weight is up.  I was also looking forward to some kid free errands.

I called the parents and cancelled the trip.  I can’t risk my parents getting sick.

I feel like the walking dead right now.  Dangerous state to be in with my weight.  Time to snuggle up to some Elmo (whoo hoo).


  1. poor baby is passed out right now on the couch. He still hasn't made it more that 3 hours without getting sick and now he has a fever. I have been trying to call the advice nurse. HATE when the wee ones are sick.

  2. I hope your little one feels better STAT. Sick babies make me too sad for words.