Monday, April 25, 2011

A Peek into My Crazy

I have been thinking about making a vision board.  You know one of those things Oprah is always talking about.

The type A, perfectionist in me is thinking -  ok so I need to Google vision boards.  What kind of material do I use, how will I adhere the stuff?  Where will I put it?  I want it to be nice and look good.  How do you make one?  I have to make it look good.  What is my purpose or the purpose of the board (Google again)?  the pictures have to be just right.  Where do I get the pictures and quotes.  What kind of pictures and quotes do I use?

The defeatist in me is thinking – I don’t have time to go buy a cute board or put it together.  Screw it, why bother yet another thing I can’t do for myself.

Crazy – sure a bit but aren’t we all in some form or another.

Stay tuned to see if I make a vision board.

Do you have a vision board?  How did you make it.

1 comment:

  1. It probably wouldn't be the same if you paid someone to make your vision board, right? :)