Friday, April 15, 2011

The Next Moment

Ever feel like all you are doing is slightly pausing from the last “thing” only in the next breath gearing up for the next “thing”.  On top of that your are exhausted from the last “thing”.

Lately that's is all I feel like I am doing.  I’m always working on the next thing coming up.  Rarely enjoying the moment.  Always steps ahead.  The other day I took my boys for a nature walk.  I had trouble just enjoying the moment and taking the time.  I was thinking about the To Do’s and the Have To’s.

Big boy El Diablo

I have been busy the last 2 weeks.  Very busy.  For me busy is not good for my weight.  It is clearly apparent with my lack of blogging, lack of tracking food, lack of thought and the bloated poochy tummy I have now.  I have also been lacking on other things, like big boys homework or Boy Scout rocket.  Bad move mommy.

My trainer mentions I need to learn to meditate.  It should help with my MAJOR tmj issues I have from clenching my teeth.  I can’t got to the bathroom alone, how the hell would I get a chance to meditate.  More on this topic later.

Do you feel the same or are you able to disconnect the brain?


  1. Meditation is a POWERFUL gift. It is more than just a matter of sitting takes some practice to do it correctly in the right frame of mind. The benefits are limitless. You may even begin to see with your HEART that life is enjoyable and that the many choices you have that keep you so busy are a true gift and yours to appreciate. Meditation can also teach you to give gratitude to your being, to life and to the world around you.

  2. Funny you should mention the bathroom because I saw an Oprah episode and she described how she found time in the bathroom each day for her moments of "meditation." I've had this as a goal too for a while, not in the potty, but just to do. And I am not doing well at it.

  3. I know meditation is powerful I just don't know the first thing about how , when, where to do it on a daily basis.