Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Clothing Paradox

I finally managed to add some new, better fitting, clothing pieces to my seriously lacking wardrobe.  Even got the girls covered in a D down from a DDD+.  The bra shopping was the only time I stepped into Lane Bryant (big girl store 14+).  I no longer want to buy clothes from there but they have great bras and I am still limited on bra purchasing selection (40D).  The rest of my clothes are from Wal-Mart and Old Navy (L, 12, XL) from the regular women’s section.  I still need bigger tops for the girls and the belly.

My “house clothes” are huge and my new clothes are fitted.

In my “house clothes” and older (bigger) exercise clothes  I feel skinny.  I feel all my smaller parts and pieces.  I shimmy and shake and feel great.

In my new clothes I feel fat.  I feel my tummy sticking out.  I am self conscious of how I look and I am always checking to make sure my tummy is covered.  The waist band is tight on my tummy, not in love with that feeling.

How can one person feel so completely different?  How do you feel in your more fitting wardrobe?

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