Friday, April 1, 2011

April Goals

I am struggling.  Today I saw a weight on the scale that I swore I would never see again.  I am not sick but my general well being is off.  I don’t feel right.  I am also bloated and achy.  There is no hormonal reason either.

I would love to put an April goal of 180.  Over 8 pounds from my last weigh in.  To be honest I think that might be too lofty for me considering my current (past month)issues.  184 is one pound less than my lowest of 185 but is almost 5 pound from where I am now.

I would love to say goodbye to the 180’s and jump into the next level of loss.  I just don’t know.

Can you tell I am lacking confidence in my ability to do this.  Am I scared to go beyond where I ever remember being?  Possibly.

April Goals

  • Drink 4 refills of my 24 oz bottle daily
  • exercise 4 times a week
  • adding walking in some form at least twice a week
  • go to Yoga at least 2 times in April
  • Hit 180 pounds

There I said it, it is in writing.  I will do it.


  1. I think...that if you THINK you CAN do WILL do it.

    So...PUSH your mindset into knowing you'll tackle your goal.

    You'll be surprised at what happens. :)

  2. I'm sorry you are struggling. I have been there myself many times. Can I help?

  3. Thanks both of you. I am working on the issues. Karen I will keep you in mind. Today is a better day.

    Cubby - miss you, can I get an invite.