Thursday, March 24, 2011

WOW with a Super Capital W

Yesterdays post flat out amazed me.  No, it wasn’t my lack of weight loss.  No, I didn’t write anything brilliant.  It was the 2 comments that I gratefully received that my blog is inspiring.  Thank you from the deepest depth of my heart. 

But seriously, I do not feel that I am inspiring.  Sure it is part of my esteem and confidence issues.  Most people who know me on the surface would never believe I have esteem and confidence issues.  Only those who truly know me can see it.  On the positive side, I am 200% better than I was as a teen and young adult. 

Why do I feel I am not inspiring?  I have made changes.  My body and mind are in a far better place.  I am as slow as a turtle when it comes to true weight loss.  Some out there in the blog world think someone like me is not doing it right.  Do I eat red light, non weight loss helpful foods, Yes.  Do I believe in moderation instead of full denial, yes but I will admit it doesn’t always work.  It is a tool in the infinite tool belt of weight loss.  It must be used in small doses and correctly.  Do I struggle, yes.  Do I lapse in my path, yes but I never get out of control.  The most I have gained from a lapse is 5 pounds.  For some reason I feel like I will NEVER go back.  I can’t explain why I know this, I just do.  Now, I could get hit my an emotional (stress, etc) Mack truck and be totally wrong.  Who knows.

It’s funny how the universe seems to give you what you need when you need it.  I received my 2 awesome comments on the blog and another mom approached me and said I look good.  I haven’t spoken to this women in 2 years by pure circumstance.  I have said hello in passing but that is about it.  I needed all this.  I need a kick in the butt on the motivation.

I will be in the inspiration people believe me to be and I will believe it too

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