Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 3/8/11

Weight  = 186.8
Loss = +1.8

Can’t believe I haven’t had anytime to sit down and blog.  Remember these words – don't ever be the team parent for Little League.  I did my weight on Tuesday am.  Today was even lower, about a pound less.  2 words for the last week SODIUM and WATER retention.  I peed flushed away nearly 4 pounds from Monday to Tuesday.  Lemon water really did the trick.

My 10 year anniversary party is a month away.  We are having a cocktail party on the same boat we are married on.  I went dress shopping today.  It was tiring but fun and successful.  I was fitting into 14 and 16’s.  For fitted short dresses that is good in my book.  My dress is a pretty purple halter.  Pictures later, from the event, so you will have to wait a month.  After all the dresses I was too beat to find casual clothes.  I was extra tired from lack of sleep and kettlebells last night.

I am beat.  I have been working on 5-6 hours sleep for a week or so, Chubby :-)

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  1. Tell me about it... I'm a team mom for LL too. It is so much more involved than AYSO!!

    Congrats on flushing out the unwanted... You are solid back into where you were.

    Have fun at your anniversary party! Can't wait to see the dress!~