Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 3/22/11

Weight = 186.8
Loss = Not worth it

I weighed in on Tuesday but didn’t get a  chance to post.  A nap was far more important after only 4 hours of sleep.  Sorry!

Admittedly I have been struggling for weeks now.  Ever since the flu at the end of February, I have having a hard time being consistent with my eating.  I have partial good days but then screw it up with either too much food or the wrong choices.  I have been trying, unsuccessfully to get back into the game.  To help, I bought a bunch of salad stuff to have salads at lunch instead of a sandwich.

Exercise is fine.  I make 2-3 kettlebell classes per week.  I really want to hit the yoga studio each week but can't seem to get there.  I want to add in more cardio but again, where and when is the issue.


  1. Your blog is inspiring. I wish you much luck in your journey to being that best overall you.

  2. I agree with Laura. Your blog inspires me to go out there and just DO it.