Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 3/15/11

Weight = 186.2
Loss = –0.6

Today is my Saturday, lazy day.  Confused?  Don’t be.  It goes like this.  Hubby works nearly 40 hours from sat to mon with a once a month additional Friday shift 9happen to fall this past week).  Today is his first day off, our weekend.  This doesn’t include OT he may get, like the 12 hours he will be working on wed.  I go from a single parent (sort of) to co-parent every week.  We have no family here so I am pretty alone on the weekends. From sat to mon he is virtually gone.  Leaves at 4:45 am, home at 7:30 pm and bed to bed by 9pm.

Can I just say I love to reading other blogs and would love to comment but I can’t find a quick easy way to do so.  I speed up my reading my using Google reader but there is no way (I found) to comment without having to open the individual blog and then the individual post, click on comment, etc.  Other bloggers, please know I read your posts every day.  Does anyone know of a better, faster way to comment. 

My weight is up from my lowest of 185.  I know why, I am not a fool.  I will be correcting the why.

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  1. It's so hard to read everyone's blogs...let alone comment on them. It's exhausting! Luckily, most of your fellow bloggers (and followers) understand. Life happens, kiddo. We don't hold it against ya.

    Congrats on the loss. Each one, no matter how small it may seem to ya, always adds up in the end.