Saturday, March 12, 2011

Silence is Golden

I have been quiet lately.  Quiet on my blog.  There is a few reasons for this.  None of which are about me slacking off on my getting fit journey.   I have been busy.  So busy that I barely spent any time with hubby on his 3 days off.  I have also been trying to focus on my home.  It really needs a deep cleaning and purging.  Both of which are difficult to do with El Diablo (my now 2 year old).  Hubby and I have been tag teaming on the to do list.  One watches El Diablo, the other works on the list.

Too much volunteering this week.  MOPS committee meeting, MOPS meeting, baseball team parent, classroom helper, youth group helper.  This among the Dr’s appointments (speech eval for baby) and dress shopping (fun but exhausting).  Not to forgot all the schlepping around of the kids – Bday party, baseball, school, play group, youth group, etc.  I did mange to get out and have some wine and Wii with some playgroup mommies, fun.  Little one came down with croup and a swelling insect bite on Thursday.  More fun, no sleep and another Dr. appointment.

I learned a new Kettlebell technique this week, that I love.  It is called a High Pull. Note on the picture below.  Her elbow should be higher than her hand.  It could be because her bell is tiny, way to light.  I use a 12 kg (26 pound) bell, the one below might be 10 pounds.  My arms are sore from Thursdays class.


One technique I have been having difficulty with is the Clean.  I have bruise on my wrist from it, every time I go to class.  It is getting better but I still struggle with it.  Here is a video about a clean.

I will try to not be so silent.  Seems to be a common thing around the blog world lately.  Although I am amazed that some of you still mange to post among the chaos of life (Dr. Fatty).

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