Monday, March 21, 2011

Killing my Confidence

Buying new, more fitting, clothes is killing my confidence.  I am unsure of how I look.  Not sure if it looks right.  Bugging my hubby and anyone who comes near me to give their honest opinion.

I have been wearing big clothes for a long long time.  Loose tops and bottoms I can pull on without unbuttoning.  It is so foreign to me to wear fitting clothes

For some reason I can’t get it in my head that I look good and I am not overexposing my excess fat. 

Big roomy clothes are comfy.  All my house clothes are huge.  So I switch from big and roomy to tighter and fitted when I leave the house.  I am at home quite often so I am more often in the big roomy clothes.

It is a pet peeve of mine that women should make sure their clothes fit properly.  Belly hanging over tight pants is not flattering.  Back fat is not pretty.


This is a mild example for sure.  Do people really think this is flattering?


  1. I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate back fat...but...mostly just on me. I do often wonder if people know that their clothes aren't flattering their shape. But...I've always "covered up" and worn bigger clothes to hide my "junk."

    It is one of the hardest mental challenges we feel comfortable in our clothes. Hang in there! You've gotta do it since you are going to keep getting smaller and smaller and you can't keep wearin' your bigger clothes.

  2. I wear baggy sweats and stuff at home too. But I do realize that they make me look bigger. Same with bigger sweaters and tops and pants, so since I've lost some weight, I wear fitter stuff. It makes me a little self conscious sometimes, but I know it looks better than baggy. Also, sometimes I take a picture of myself if I want a better idea of how something looks. Just be happy you have to buy smaller clothes, you're in the 180's, thats some major progress and I'm sure you look great!