Monday, March 7, 2011

Fooling Who?

So I wrote yesterday about being off with my food.  I also mentioned that my weight is ok, about plus a pound.

Funny how we fool ourselves into thinking we are not doing THAT much damage when we veer off course,.  That hamburger or wings, or fires or brownie or shake won’t hurt me.

Sat am I was around 186.6, this morning I saw a 190 and freaked and this post came to life.  The crap creeps up on you.  The damage may not be visible right away or even a day after.  But a few days later and boom, your weight goes way up.  Father up then you ever thought you would go.  Way past your redline. 

My official weight in tomorrow might be ugly.

Gonna stick with the plan – water, exercise, good food choices.  I have a few challenges today.  Birthday party at a pizza place and MOPS meeting that usually has goodies at it.  Free form layout buffet style where you don’t know what your are eating goodies.  Plan is to not eat at both functions.  Eat before, bring water and stay on top.

Was my diversion a self sabotage from previous success or just a post flu bender?

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