Sunday, March 6, 2011

Detox Time

Ever since the flu I had the week before I have been having a hard time getting back on the proverbial horse.  Exercise is fine – Mon, Tue and Thur – k-bell class and wed – yoga, Sat – big walk and dancing.  More on exercise later. 

Food on the other hand not so good.  I haven’t logged my food since before I was sick.  I honestly liked that break from that routine.  My food choices and portions don’t scream weight loss, just the opposite.  Also not very clean choices.  Too many times eating out.

My weight is pretty stable.  I probably added a pound from my last weight.  I should be able to get that off quick.

I feel my poor choices everywhere.  My face is puffy.  I am achy.  My tummy is giving me issues and is bloated.  My exit end is having some issues.  I feel low on energy and just a general yuck.

Today’s plan
Water.  Track food.  Correct food choices.  Cardio exercise.  Then continue on same track every day after.

Last night at a big birthday bash there was a bunch of Zumba ladies and instructors.  The DJ also played very specific Zumba music.  I danced a bit here and there but I was embarrassed.  Those Zumba ladies, all of which are significantly older than me, kicked my butt when it came to the cardio endurance of the dancing.  I need to add more cardio back into my exercise routine.  Not sure where I am going to fit it in.

How do you reset when you veer off?

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  1. I'm waiting for my Zumba DVDs to come in the mail, I'm so excited to try it!

    To reset, I like to just get back to simple foods, no processed stuff. I drink tons of water, track how much I eat and eat fruits, veggies and protein mostly. I am starting that now! I veered off plan this weekend, so back on now!