Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ah Yeah, a Great Start


This is the beginning of my Saturday.  I burned nearly 1400 and it’s only 10am here (CA).  How – I did back to back exercise classes – kettlebells and cardio kickboxing.  I burned nearly 900 calories just there.  As an added bonus I was able to beat on my trainer.  Take that for those rolling deck (death) squats with a 26 lb k-bell.

The bummer part is that I was able to go to class because hubby is home sick (he works sat).  Seriously that is worth a whole post in its own.  “Suck it up” has been running in my head for a few days.  You ladies out there “get” my meaning.

I am off to enroll big boy in soccer then pick up after the tornado in my house.  I will probably crash and burn later this afternoon but right now I am on a high.  How is your Saturday?

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