Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 2/8/11

Weight = 190.2
Loss = +0.2

I am not going to sit here and complain about why I didn’t lose weight.  Or wonder “oh I did everything correct, why is the scale so mean”.  I KNOW what I did, or didn’t do to be correct.  It’s all about the FOOD.  Humm FOOD is a four letter word, just like another 4 letter word beginning with F.

Here is a great illustration of why I didn’t drop weight.


Of the past 21 days I ate over my calorie max (1700) on 10 days.  Nearly 50% of the time. 

This past weekend was my son’s 7th birthday (I made the cake *), a breakfast date, and a superbowl party.

Pizza, cake and weight loss do not equate - Amy

*  I wasn’t able to resist the cake batter when I made the cake on Friday.  Although, I did put it in my food log. 

My calorie deficit average was over 1000 and I was in a deficit every day for the past 7 days, for normal people would mean a weight loss, not me.  I am beginning to think my sweet spot is about 1400 calories and less than 180 g carbs. 


P.S.  PAD and CB, I know the problem.  PAD your talk last night guided me to today’s post.  You know I work my butt of exercising, clearly food is my problem.  More so, consistency is a bigger underlying problem.


  1. Alright, Amy. I'm going to tell you about ME. Not that that has anything to do with you! LOL!! But it could and that's why I'm sharing. Last year I exercised and watched my calories for several months... but kept gaining. It wasn't until I addressed my low thyroid and prediabetes that I was able to make progress. For me, thyroid is easy... comes in a tiny pill. The prediabetes is more complicated. I am on Metformin - which does help. I also have found that counting calories (for ME, not for everyone) isn't what got me to losing... it's counting carbs. So I have to keep my carbs limited and spread out evenly through the day. The blood sugar stuff is what I finally needed to get going in the right direction. For ME (not for everyone... see what I'm saying?) I have meals that max out at 35 grams of carbs and the whole day is at 130 grams of carbs, including snacks. These are doctors' orders. Not higher or lower carb amounts since the idea is to stay even. Now, this was a lot of mental work at the beginning and a lot more natural now. But I wanted to give you a different perspective in case it was at all helpful to think about. Alesha

  2. OK, you got the formula and know the danger spots, new week girlfriend! For me I have to go lower carb, otherwise my cravings are nutty and I generally just lost faster with less carbs. Not NO carb mind you, I can't do that. You could give it a week, see how you feel around 60-80 carbs a day?

    Polar's Mom

  3. Alesha, that totally helps. I am in the same spot but my Dr. never gives me specifics. I take 1500mg of metaformin. My BW is great, see a few posts ago. She says the third phase of South Beach is good. That is about as much detail. Can you email me who you see.

    Is 35 the total carbs, fruit and veggies included? I get the science just need to work on the implementation and consistency.

    Hope you read this, I am going to email you also.

  4. 60 to 80 carbs would be super hard. I tried cooler 1 of Eat clean. It was about 100g and I was sick.