Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 2/15/11

Weight = 187.2
Loss = – 3.0

My lowest recorded weight.  All my numbers are great - Under 1500 calories everyday, lower carbs (150g) and over a 1000 calorie deficit.  I am very happy with the progress.  My trainer asked me to to hit 1500 calories everyday and low and behold, it works :-).  I think keeping the carbs lower is also helping.  Another friend mentioned her issues with carbs and gave me some great ideas (Thanks AD).  I am slowly going to bring my total carbs down, but 150 isn’t too bad.



It would be great to have another 3 pound loss next week.  I am shooting for it.  Finally got a good night sleep last night, feeling much better.  Hubby is on his 5th -  over 12 hour day in a row, I miss him and look forward to seeing him tomorrow.  I spent V-Day at a Boy Scout meeting catered with pizza and no hubby, romantic I know.  I allowed myself 2 mediocre slices and was within my calorie budget.  As you can see above my carb total was much higher on Monday.


  1. Good for you! One year I spent my Mother's Day on a Cub Scout campout:)

  2. Well, this is just fantastic! Fabulous job getting fit, baby!!! I'm proud of you!!!