Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekly Weigh in 2/1/11

Weight = 190.0
Loss Gain = + 2.4

I am pissed.  Not only did I gain and go over 190 but I now weigh 9 frickin pounds more than hubby.  He lost like 6 pounds in 7 days.  In 7 measly days I went from being the same weight to being 9 pounds more then him.  I mentioned my frustration about the weight difference to him.  He said he didn’t want to write down his weight to avoid upsetting me and putting me in sabotage mode.  Am I that bad that my hubby feels like he has to baby step around me?  I am so frustrated my stomach hurt and I cried.

Then… I took a few steps back, took a shower,  to really evaluate my last week.

I played fast and loose with the calorie counting.  Yes on 5 of 7 days I was under my target of 1700 but I wasn’t putting the right things in my mouth.  Last Wednesday came to mind.  I had to fast until 10:30 am for some blood work.  After, I decided to eat a big breakfast burrito – eggs, cheese, bacon and potatoes.  I was full most of the day and didn’t eat again till 7pm.  Then, I wisely decided to eat carne asada super nachos.  Sure the total calories count was under 1700 but really, is this the way to drop weight.  Hell No!cal 

Looking at the above graph, it was far worse than I thought, too many cals and carbs.  I deserve to gain the 2 pounds.  On Friday I estimated my cals at about 1600 but I am sure I was way too low.

My calorie burn was good.  Today doesn’t count but Sunday I was a SLUG.  I felt like crap, ate like crap and did very little.  I also ate an entire box of the evil GS cookies.  Yes, I admit it here and now.aa Ok, I know what I did.  I know what I have to do.  I WILL do it.

P.S.  I love the Body Media Fit and Microsoft Snipping and Live Writer tools.  Coolness.


  1. You are not bad for feeling down, did you congratulate hubbie though? Next week will be better-stick to the plan girl!! You will do this!

    Polar's Mom

  2. TMJ + teething kids + headache = not-so-happy-mama.

    Hope you and yours are feeling better, too!

    P.S. Hang in there with your weight loss! Don't get discouraged by gaining...just keep up the good work and focus, babycakes!