Thursday, February 17, 2011

Too Soon?

I am confused.  I have been watching Heavy on A&E.  The past 2 weeks there was women who had skin removal surgeries when they were still in the 200 ++.  I don’t get it.

I understand it gets in the way.  I get that it can be troublesome when trying to run.  Solution – buy proper workout gear.  Specifically, compression pants to hold the chub in.   Yes, I have major flab in my tummy, at it hangs, sorry TMI.  If I didn’t wear the right pants, it would be an issue.

On the other hand, they do drop weigh quick.  So maybe the speed doesn't allow there skin and bodies to adjust.

I figure when I am at goal is when I will get my stomach done.  It may be a pipe dream.  I should start saving my pennies now.

What do you think.  Is is too soon?


  1. I think everyone's situation is different. I think that 1) if they had 200 lbs to lose, then they may have way too much skin to exercise comfortably no matter what kind of pants they have or 2) maybe they have the money and don't mind going through surgery twice. or.... a ton of other reasons. Their reality isn't yours... you will do what is right for YOU. Myself, I'd prefer to just do it once - for $$ reasons, pain avoidance, and because I care for little ones and don't feel like I could take time to heal on multiple occasions. But... that answer won't be right for everyone else! :)

  2. Do you really think you will need to have your stomach done? If your highest weight was 232, I'm sure exercise will get you where you want to go. The people on Heavy weigh like 400lbs or something...

  3. actually most of the women start around 280.

    Since I have had 4 pregrancies, 2 baby and ALL my weight is in my tummy, I already have an "overhang" on my pubic bone and c-section scar. With my next preogress pics you can see the need.

  4. I just scheduled a consult with a plastic surgeon to check out a "Mommy Makeover", which includes a breast augmentation/lift, tummy tuck and some mid-section lipo. I talked to the receptionist about when is a good time to do it as I still have about 25 lbs. to go to get to my goal weight. She said that they recommend being within 5 lbs or so of your goal weight. So, I have no idea why those people would get a tummy tuck while they are still around 200. But, you have to wonder, it is a reality show, so you don't really know what is going on behind the scenes. On the other hand - look at the contestants on the Biggest Loser... they lose major weight quickly and they don't seem to have as many loose skin issues. Who knows!