Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time Management Part 2

This is the second part of a post I did some time ago.  Can’t believe how long it’s taken me to finish this, but the issues are still coming back.  I have a follow up post already written but this one has to come to first.

This is a list of where I spend my time on activities outside of the home.  Some of the work I do at home.

MOPS is Mothers of Preschoolers.  I have been involved with this group for 4 years.  You can look at the website to see what it is.  I am on the Steering committee in charge of booking speakers, taking care of speakers during the meeting, etc.  We meet every other Friday for 10 months.  It takes a decent amount of time away while at home and involves an additional planning meeting every month.  This is the number one irritant to hubby.

Baseball Team Parent
Had I known how much work this was, I would have skipped.  Last night I received 6 emails just on this responsibility alone.  We just started so there has been a bunch of work up front.  Hopefully it will settle down and I plan to delegate to another mom who offered

School PTA
I am not committed to a position but in the past month I have had three major request of my time – yearbook, jog-a-thon and rummage sale.  I am skipping on the rummage sale.  Making yearbook pages seems easy and it fits to my scrapbooking skills.  For the jog-a-thon I committed to envelope stuffing, being at school the day of and data entry afterwards.

Co Room Mom
This is been on a small amount of work so far.  The other mom does a fair share of the work.

Moms Club
I joined a local Mom’s Club for my little one so he can have some people to play with etc.  The is a weekly play – date and other miscellaneous random activities throughout the month.

Book Club
This is a new one. I read all the time, nearly every night.   A few moms from the Mom’s Club wanted to start one.

This doesn’t include my desire to scrapbook, see friends, workout, go to the movies, etc.  It also doesn't include school schlepping, kids activities, practices, etc, etc.


  1. Thank you for your comment on my post-but not sure what you meant about getting follow ups to comments? I must be having brain issues...

    Polar's Mom

  2. When someone comments on your blog there is a check box to have follow up comments sent to email. That's the thing I was looking for, I don't think I have it on my blog or do I?