Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Proper Response

The other day I received a great comment to my post about hubby’s weight, etc. I think it deserves a proper response.

Polar's Mom said...

I can understand your frustration, in spite of how much he tried to think of your feelings first. But I'm wondering why you base your confirmation of success on how your loss/weight compares to your husband? You will eventually be smaller than him, and will get to a size that he cannot get to (right?), so at which weight would you stop comparing? When you are 5 pounds or so less than him?
Polar's Mom

My hubby’s weight is a big marker for me.  In the 12 years we have been together I have NEVER weighed less than him.  I also never remember being a weight less than 190.  I know at some point in my past I was less than 190, but I can’t recall when.  190 mark is also a point I have been unable to get below in the past 6 months.  I reached 190.0 more times than I care to count.  Never dipped into 180 until the past weeks.  Hubby’s weight and being below 190 are neck in neck so the numbers are a double victory.

I will feel I have passed this weight success marker when I am conformably 5 pounds below him.  His goal is 175, so realistically 170 will be a mini goal for me.  It was just like the time where I went below 200.  I want to get past it and be at the point where it won’t come back.  When I was solidly in the 195’s I knew I would never be above 200.

This same blogger posed the question about getting pregnant after dropping weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle.  I will never be pregnant again I am feel my current and lasting success is because I am no longer trying to get pregnant.  I do want to address the question.  I have been pregnant 4 times and had 2 babies in a 7 year span.  Yes, pregnancy affects your body in so many ways it is difficult to describe.  Post pregnancy is a huge adjustment period that no one talks about.  I am not talking just physically but hormonally and emotionally.  Not to mention you are also now 100% responsible for another being.  I feel if you are strong with your connection and commitment to a healthy lifestyle then you can adapt that lifestyle to having children.  Will it be difficult and take time, hell yes.  Can it be done and you are still successful with your health, yes.  Are there thing that will never go back (boobs & tummy), unfortunatly yes.  Is it worth it, absolutely.

Correction to my swings.  As of yesterday I was at 1800 not 1200 for the month.  I checked my sheet today.  I was going to do more today with my new bell but I am pooped (all day) and my butt hurts.


  1. Thanks so much for the answers-they were super informative and interesting! I totally understand your mini goal/below hubby desire...It sounds like he is in on the diet moreso to support you than a need to lose weight himself? Is that right or am I off base? If that is the case, what a helluva teammate you have there. One bitchin' dude. So just wondering-if you have been stuck at 190, what do you think your approach is missing? I imagine those kettlebells are putting on some massive muscle tissue, which is super cool, but I know the scale not moving is so dang tough in spite of the imminent you said you were frustrated so, I guess not much guessing by me there. ;-)

    And, um, 1800 kettlebells? Good night, my ass would be screaming! I did 100 snatches Friday and couldn't sit on the toilet all day yesterday. On a good note my hovering technique is well honed for all the nasty bathrooms I'm sure to encounter in the future. ;-)

    And I really appreciate the pregnancy talk-I fear the hormone effects and worry the cravings will be worse than anything I have encountered thus far...and since I haven't had the clock ticking yet, the benefit doesn't outweigh the positive just yet...And honestly I am not above surgically helping my body get back to where I hope to get it soon. I'm not that noble. ;-)

    Wishing you a great week!!

    Polar's Mom

  2. My body is changing. I feel it everywhere. So yes, toning and muscle building is happening. I know my focus need to be on the cals. I have been up and down with the totals. Need to work on consistency there.

    Hubby is on his own path. He had an immediate need to drop weight, but that is over and I hope he continues on his path. We both suffer from inconsistency.