Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Mirrors Lie

I have 2 large closet doors, fully mirrored and a full wall bathroom mirror.  All those mirror in my small master bath.  I look in the mirror and they tell me I am looking great.  You look slimmer.  Your tummy is going in.  You look and feel great.  Look at your tone and definition coming out.

Today I went to Kohl’s.  I just randomly picked out some 10, 12, L and XL.  It wasn’t fun.  I felt bloated, puffy and huge.  The mirror told me I was enormous and flabby.  12’s were a no go, I picked out a 14 but I was done and I left before trying them on.  I may have left to avoid the pain.  I didn’t go near the “Women’s” section.  I did downsize on a few shirts from a XL to an L.  For shits and giggles I tried on a bikini.  Now that was funny.  Nothing was great, nothing I liked.  I bought nothing.

To add insult to injury the Girls Scout were selling cookies outside the Kohl's.  I left and went to get a pedicure.  Best money I can spend.

A commenter asked if I would have a need for skin removal stomach SX if my highest was only 232.  I am 99% sure I do / will.  I have some picture here that I snapped inside the Kohl's not fitting room.  These are TMI and I can’t believe I am putting these out here, Mrs. McGee you are my inspiration.  I made them small but if you want to look closer you can.  Today I am puffy from somewhat indulgent eating yesterday.  I usually have a bit more definition on my stomach sides.

Please note my pants are sitting on my public bone otherwise known as my c-section scar.  Usually they are pulled over all that love you see.  When I hit –30 total (Blog total) in 1 pound I will do full body shots.  My legs and arms are great, at least in my opinion.


  1. First of all, this post is brilliant. I love it. I love that you're honest and open. However, you did not factor in the horrendous fitting room lighting issue. No lie...they make EVERYONE look not-so-hot and feel bloated, full, and inferior. Go easier on yourself.

    You ARE looking fine. As a matter of fact, I looked at your pics and thought, "OMG! Look at her little arms and thighs! I can't wait to look like that!" As for your NOT forget that your tummy gave you those two, wonderful little guys of yours. As for surgery/skin removal, I say wait and see (I have "Baby Mama Tum-tum" too. While I'm not a big fan of it, I look at it this way: once I get to my goal weight and I'm in maintenance, I'm starting another leg of my journey called "toning." I'm going to push the envelope to get my tummy flat(ter) again. I've read enough blogs of other moms who've gotten to (and beyond) goal and, ya know what?, they have HOT tummies now sans surgery! Hang in there! Once we hit goal, let's make a pack to hit up pilates, yoga, and target exercises to get our six-packs back.

    We can do this!

    You look WONDERFUL! And I love that you're brave by posting pics. The greatest thing about 'em is that you're inspiring others AND you'll have something to look back at and think, "Hmpf! I look bangin' hot now. I deserve a big pat on the back for all my good decisions and work."


  2. Oh Amy... go back to looking in your bathroom mirror! It gives a bigger picture and perspective. All dressing room mirrors make us wonder why in the world we're there! You have made SO much progress and I can't wait for you to take your full body shots just so you can compare for yourself the changes that have happened!!!!! They are significant and you will see that very clearly at your -30 picture.

  3. Chubby
    I laughed when you say get my 6 pack back. Even at my thinest, fittest I don't ever remember having any form of a 6 pack. Genetics.

    I hate buying clothes.

    Funny thing it some items - tops and dresses were too loose on the top.

    I know I have changed, it was just a bad moment in a bad dressing room.