Friday, February 18, 2011

Family Visiting

My parents are in town and we took the kids to the aquarium.  At the small cafe inside I stood in line twice today to buy a rice crispy treat.  Guess what……  I also pulled out of the line twice and didn’t buy the treat.

It wasn’t a fantastic eating day but not over indulgent.  Just a bit higher than normal and not completely tracked.

Side note – lately I have noticed my parents wanting to give us money much more freely than ever before.  They are at a point where they don’t want for much and they also figure it will go to me anyway.  So I decided to sit down and talk with them about it.  They said they aren’t giving it because they think we need it.  I mentioned I have to respect my husband’s “pride” when it comes to money.  Not sure pride is the right word but you get the point.  So I point blank asked for what I need help with.  I need clothes money.  Buying clothes is not in our family budget right now.  Honestly, I could use the pick me up of some new pieces and maybe even some new skin care stuff too.  My skin needs help bad.

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