Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boos and Whoo Hoos

Whoo Hoo – I was able to buy some new skincare products with some money I saved up.  It’s from Clinique.  It is designed to control the redness in my skin.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.  So far I am seeing some improvement, but with the cold and fevers it’s hard to tell.

Boo – I am still sick.  After 4 days of fevers I decided it’s time to go to the Dr.  When I called, the very knowledgeable staffer went thru a list if questions.  We decided it might be the flu.  I have an appointment for Friday, which I may cancel if I am better in the am.  I may be developing a secondary problem, like a sinus infections, etc.  We will see the outcome.

Whoo Hoo – This week marks the 30 pound loss for me (from blog start) and a total of 46 pound loss from my highest.  I have removed my 7 year old from my body.  I am also exacly halfway to my goal 46 pounds down, 46 to go.

Boo – With my cold I am behind in my 10,000 swing challenge.  As I today I have completed 5975 swings in the month of February.  I don’t think I can make the 10,000 by the end of the month.  I am WEAK right now.

Whoo Hoo – My weight is doing great.  Even better since I really don’t feel like eating.  If when I keep it up, it will be a great week for my weigh in.

Boo – On Monday I wasn’t feeling too bad.  A friend convinced me to go to kettlebell class.  Sweat out the toxins, and I will feel better.  EPIC FAIL.  I could barely do the class.  I collapsed on the floor at the end, intentionally not literally.  I secretly cried twice in class and burst into tears when I was in my car.  I felt far worse then before.  Bad Bad idea.  I may never be one of the fit people who exercise while sick.  Or maybe it was the wrong time to try it out.

Whoo Hoo – When I step on the scale I am still surprised to see a 18X.  I expect a 19X and I still I feel like it’s not real.  I think my mind has to catch up to my body.


  1. Woo hoo! Let me know how that skin product works; I could use it.

  2. Awesome on the Woos. Sorry for the Boos. Congrats on you 1/2 way mark!

  3. Monday was in your mind, its stronger than your body. If you dont think you can do it you wont. Get swinging you only have 4 days left and you will make the goal. Making the goal is important for your journey. A little tough love from your UPT.