Thursday, January 27, 2011

What am I Holding On To?

What am I holding on to?  The question was posed to me Tuesday night by my KettleBell guru PAD.  He posed the question to me after I mentioned that hubby and I weight exactly the same.  I mean exactly to the tenth of a pound.

My first reaction was confrontational.  My head said I am not holding on to anything.  I have been working my ass off.  After a few minutes I thought, wait.  What am I holding on to?  I need to think about this.  Honestly in 2 days I haven’t come up with an answer, but in all honestly I really haven’t had time to think.

I have issue with success.  When success occurs, sabotage comes into play.

He asked “Was I doing everything it takes”.  Um, well not everything.  I still put sugar in my am tea (only).  I still eat bread.  I am not willing to get rid of bread.  I eat very little but I haven’t gone 100% no bread.  I need to work on the veggies.


  1. Hmmm. DO you think you can sub in anything for sugar, bread, etc, that you may think is not the best thing? Like low carb bread/pita and truvia/stevia? Is that an option? When I was desperate for certain things, I researched the hell outta some alternatives, and have gotten used to the replacements honestly. I look forward to more that you think you are holding onto...

    Polar's Mom

  2. I kind of think his question was more of the emotional baggage that you are holding on to with your weight. I've been watching 10 seasons of the Biggest Loser and Jillian bullies people into these big break thrus with just a simple question like "what are you holding on to?" Maybe it's the fear of success. Maybe it's the comfort of the known versus the unknown. Maybe it's something else.

    As far as are you doing everything you can to lose weight, I think you are doing more than most. The small amount of sugar you use in your tea is not going to keep you from losing weight. Neither is the bread as long as the rest of your calories are in line.

  3. It's interesting to me that he posed this question right on the heels of your making a major plateau breakthough. You have solidly gotten your feet in the 180s, never to return to higer after struggling there for awhile... and you are on a 2 week consecutive loss, even after being sick. I'm NOT saying that the question isn't valid... I'm just saying, don't let his question psych you out and start rethinking what you are finding to work.