Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekly Weigh In 1/11/11

Weight = 191.6
Loss = –1.0

Considering at sometime between 12/31/10 and today there was a 195 on the scale, 191 is excellent.  I figure, if I keep on track I WILL get below 190.  Sure I initially expected a lower eight but on evaluation, I know this is about right.

I have been tracking the food.  My carbs are actually higher than I would like.  This week I am going to work on 150 or less.
food log
Found another thing I DON’T like about tracking my food.  I could be having a great food day.  My total cals come in around 1200 (my Min) and then I decide, oh I have more room so why don’t I eat XXX.  If I wasn’t tracking I wouldn’t have added the extra food.  Gotta break that mentality.

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  1. Man, Amy, I really do the same thing with regards to eating and my Calorie targets. But I wonder if I would have actually eaten WAY more but not have even known, you know? And I'm sure I did just that! Otherwise I wouldn't be in this position...