Saturday, January 8, 2011

Support System Part 2

Part 1 of of my support system is here.

My Forces of Nature
My kids support me.  Weird for a mom of 2 young kids to say this.  They support me by being great kids, especially when hubby and I go to kettlebell class together or when I need to exercise with them around.

My belly sister.  We have the same body type.  You have done an amazing job dropping 60 pounds.  I love talking shop with you.  Can’t wait to do some serious shopping with you (no kids) when we are both post SX someday.  Our blossoming friendship means a lot to me.

Friends and Followers
I don’t have many followers but knowing they are out there in the cyber world following me helps me in ways I can’t even put into words.  I also know there is some friends out there who read my blog but aren’t counted in my followers number.  It tickles my heart when a friend comes up to me and mentions they read my blog.   I wish I was more eloquent in expressing how much it means to me to have people out there reading my blog.  I receive so many insightful comments.  You guys ROCK.  The support is tremendous regardless if I hear from you or not (no comments, etc).  I strive to maintain your interest in reading my little blog.

The occasional family member with a positive comment.  Seeing someone who hasn’t seem me in some time.  A comment from a fellow mommy.  Etc, etc.  I will honest here – I love positive, thoughtful, meaningful comments.  Although I do sometimes get shy from the attention.  I am a Gemini – 2 sided – desire and love compliments but at same time feel shy and awkward.  I try my best not to write them off.  For example saying something like ”thank you but I still have a long way to go”.  Adding the negative negates the nice comment. 

Who is your support system?

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