Sunday, January 23, 2011

An Indirect Success Story

The other day I had an awesome “conversation” with my cousin on Facebook.  Unfortunately we have been separated by time and distance.  This past October on my NY / PA trip we had a brief chance to reconnect.  My Cuz is blessed with the same apple shape, big belly, diabetes prone genetics that I am.

I was amazed. She told me about her nearly 30 pound weight loss since October. One of her motivations was a picture taken during our visit.   She made some drastic diet changes, no white crap, no flour, sugar, etc add in the whole grains.  She is a busy women with a full time job, 3 teen boys and 1 pre-teen girl.

She is brave.  She doesn't use a scale.  Her Dr visits is the only time she steps on the scale. Otherwise she does her measurements.  I love her trick of cutting off the tape measure from her widest measurement.  A “will never go back there” reminder.  She has lost a ton of inches. I am not that brave.  I need my scale.  I don’t think I can eliminate the scale for a few reasons.
  • My diet change is not drastic.  The changes I make are very minor.  A few less carbs here or a few less calories there.  I have been making changes for 5 years.
  • My vices are far a few between.  I drink only tea and water.  I almost never have sweets or bad for me crunchy stuff.  Fast food is super rare.  We, as a family, only eat outside of the house maybe 2 times a month.  I am constantly home and “in control’ of my food environment.  Most days I eat 3 meals and my snacks at home.
  • I don’t trust myself without a scale.  I know my body pretty well but I want to drop weight.  I don’t think the inches will tell enough of the story.  I have nearly 50 pounds to go before I hit “Normal” BMI.  The weight has to drop too.
I am proud of the fact that my cuz mentioned my blog was a source for her.

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  1. But that tape measure trick is BRILLIANT! Good for her!

    Polar's Mom