Monday, January 3, 2011

Gotta Fix My Pie

This weight loss / health journey is like a pie.  No, not a juicy apple pie.  I figure 1/3 is exercise, then mental, then food.  Some will say to drop weight it is 80% food, 10% exercise and 10% genetic.  That doesn’t account for the mental aspect.  Talk to anyone who kept off a significant amount of weight, if you don’t fix the mental, you won’t succeed.


I have been kicking ass in the exercise department.  This was my last week.
Mon – Kettle bell 45 min, kickboxing 1hr
Tue – K – Bell
Wed – Vinasa flow Yoga – not a stretch class
Thu – K-Bell
Fri – off
Sat – kick boxing on New Years day
Sun – Kick boxing


It was clear in December my calories are way too high.  Then I decided to eat CRAP the last 3 days (12/31 – 1/2).  No calories counting, free eating.  Out of control.  60% of my pie is out of whack.  DONE now.  Move on and correct the issues.

I decided on a short term goal for January.  I will be under 190 by the end of January.  Enough of this.


  1. Yeah the crap was reaching out to me, too. I think for me the mental is 80% and the diet and exercise are both 10%, cause if I can't get it right in my head I won't do the diet or exercise. ;-) Looking forward to a good January, too. Let's do this!

    Polar's Mom

  2. Great job on the workouts. And you're totally right! It's REALLY a mental issue. If you don't have the mind to do it (and continue working out, watching food, etc.), then you won't succeed.

    I liked your pie. Haha!