Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fierce, Fit and Fabulous

Last night I watched the show “I Used to be Fat” on MTV.  In 111 days this teen lost an incredible amount of weight.  The show was great.  I love the quote, she wants to be “Fierce, Fit and Fabulous”.  Sound about right to me.  Thanks Chubby McGee for the 411.

So, 95 days from today is my 10th anniversary party.  We are having a cocktail party on the same boat we got married on.  I want to rock the boat with my new looks. image0000422A

Not the best picture, but you get the idea.

Dare I set a goal for the big date?  I have done so well crappy with weight goals this past year.

I like the idea of 175.  It is reasonable, with a steel focus on my food. 175 is about a 2 pounds per week loss with some wiggle room.  As I wrote this I changed the weight goal 2 times from 165 to 175, I want to make this goal so I don’t want to set it out of my reach.

Honestly I haven’t even thought about what I want to wear.  I might wear my wedding dress – altered to a cocktail length dress.  I am 10 pounds LIGHTER than when I got married in 2001.  I guess I have to start investigating.

What do you think.  Considering my record with goals, do I forgo setting one?


  1. I saw that and was, like, YES! someone else is watching that show! LOL!

    I'm glad you watched it. You got the same thing out of it that I did: you can lose a decent amount of weight in a short amount of time when you put the work into it (no gimmicks either). And, guess what? I LOOOOVE your 175 goal. It's a healthy, achievable goal. I KNOW you'll do it.

    If we make those mini/long-term goals, we're more likely to succeed.

    I also just heard about this goal setting on the "Today Show" this morning, too. The health expert said, "Sit down with a calendar and make goals for yourself because it will give you something to work toward each week/month." (I sat down with my calendar after breakfast and made my whole year out).

    YOU CAN DO THIS! I know you can! And I can't wait to see you rockin' the boat with your stunning new visage!

    P.S. I'm here holding your hand, too. :)

  2. I saw it too! Honestly, seemed a bit unrealistic that she would lose that much that fast. Sorry to be a naysayer. The real world never seems to cooperate like reality TV.
    I saw that today show segment too.

    My honest opinion, since you asked us, is that you should set behavioral goals and then let the weight follow. Like: amount of exercise or calories or days on plan or whatever. We can only control ourselves and never that darn fickle scale.

    BTW - beautiful:)

  3. You absolutely CAN do this, Amy. Before you set it in stone, come up with contingency plans to keep yourself on track. What happens if you don't hit your mark one week? What are your frustration points and how can you manage them so that you don't sabotage the journey. Because even 178 is a lot closer to goal than where you are, right? I'm not saying this because I don't think you can do it... I DO WHOLEHEARTEDLY BELIEVE IN YOU!! It is about learning about yourself and knowing how to mitigate the issues that got you in this place in the first place. Sean and I will be 10 years in June! ;)