Saturday, January 29, 2011

Evil Plans

My pain in the ass hubby lost like 3 pounds since our Tuesday weigh in.  We both were 187.6 on Tuesday.  He has been sick with no appetite.  Thursday he was bad.  In the am he said “I lost a pound since I haven’t been eating”.  An hour later, “I lost another pound” said after his throne visit.

But oh, I have some plans for him.  Today is the first day of Girl Scout cookie sales.  I have a least 3 little cuties I committed to buying from.  I am not a not a huge fan of the GS cookies.  I do like the Peanut butter sandwiches, so I am only buying 1 box of those.  But hubby on the other hand could eat a whole box of the Caramel delites in one sitting.  I ordered 6 boxes of those.  The 7 y.o. loves them too.


On the other hand I love the stinker.  A few weeks ago I bought Rocco DiSpirto’s new book “Now Eat This”.  Rocco DiSpirito transforms America's favorite comfort foods into deliciously healthy dishes-all with zero bad carbs, zero bad fats, zero sugar, and maximum flavor.  Most recipes are 250 calories or less.  Hubby made 4 recipes out of the book and bought ingredients for a few more.  This from a man who rarely cooks and never follows a recipe.

We tried the eggplant manicotti (yummy), Chicken Piccata (good), Cream of Mushroom soup (ok) and the brownies (yuck).  The brownies are made with black beans and cocoa.  They are way too rich and dense for me.  Kids didn’t go for them either.  The brownies are 56 cal per serving. 

My evil plans are in jest.  I love having a willing heath partner.  We would have ordered the cookies anyway.


  1. My husband so eats the whole box of Samoas in one day! He did just this week!

  2. I'm convinced that those little Girl Scouts ruin everyone's New Year Resolutions! Bitches! LOL!

    I'm scared to death of Samoas...I could easily eat one...or five...boxes in one sitting. four favorite things on earth: shortbread, caramel, coconut, and chocolate.

    It's like the 8th circle of hell for me!

  3. I emailed hubby this post. He laughed. I will have to control myself with the PB ones. Otherwise, I dilike coconut.