Thursday, January 20, 2011

Body Media Update

I am sick.  Wednesday the sick baby and I spent the whole day on the couch.  Seriously I haven’t watched so much TV in ages.  I wore my Body Media Monitor all day.  I figured it would show my absolute minimum calorie burn since I did absolutely nothing all day.  Here is the results for the 24 hour period.1-18

So my nearly absolute min calorie burn is about 2000.  I am surprised it is so high.  You can see my line during the day was about as flat as me sleeping.  For comparisons sake, here is Monday (sledding and k-bell).1-17a

Big difference.  The jury not out yet on my opinion of the monitor.  I have some issues I still want to test out.  Below is my physical activity for the day.  Again, nearly nothing.    

1-18aToday I will work on getting better.  Thinking about exercise.  If I am fever free I might do something.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon! The only thing worse than being sick is having a sick baby - and you had both!