Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ah Ha Moment

I had two Ah Ha Moments yesterday.

I was looking thru a newsletter from my Mom’s club.  There was a page with pictures from our holiday party.  At first, I didn't recognize myself in one of the pictures.  It was weird to see myself and for a brief moment not recognize me.  Have I really changed that much?  Or, is it that I still feel like the 230 pound girl?

Today is 94 days to my Anniversary.  My second Ah Ha moment came from a comment yesterday on my Anniversary party goal.  Karen has been a wise advisor and personally knows the issues I have with goal setting, based on her own struggle with the same.

Karen said... ……My honest opinion, since you asked us, is that you should set behavioral goals and then let the weight follow. Like: amount of exercise or calories or days on plan or whatever. We can only control ourselves and never that darn fickle scale.

For some reason I never thought about achieving a desired weight by setting behavior goals.  Don’t know why I didn’t put 2 and 2 together.  So, I am going to set some behavior goals and hopefully the weight will follow.  If it’s not exactly 175,  I know by doing the following, I did my best.

For the next 94 days I will:

  1. Drink 72 to 96 oz water. 
  2. Log food and track calories
  3. Daily calorie range not to exceed 1700 on 95% of the days.  So that gives me 5 “free” days.  That doesn’t equal out of control, just a bit of freedom to exceed my calorie max.
  4. Exercise plan* – Mon – K-Bell, Tue – K-Bell, Wed – Yoga or off, Thu – K-Bell, Fri – Off or Yoga (switch w/ Wed),  Sat – Open exercise, Sun – Cardio kick.  I will add in Cardio Kick classes after Kettlebell Class when I can.  Back to back for 2 hrs is hard.
  5. Take all my vitamins and medicine daily and at the correct time.
  6. Sleep

My behavior goals are barring any major illness or event.  *Modifications to exercise can be made.  If I can’t make a class I will get on my treadmill for at least 45 min and maybe do some Wii fit or hike (Open day).


  1. Oh I am so relieved! I was quite worried about saying that and offending you. I have more than once in the past written an honest comment on a blog and then deleted it instead, not knowing how the blogger would take it. But with you, I did get the sense you really did welcome input and that was one lesson it took me a long time to learn and I got there thanks to support from comments. I think you have set very doable goals:) Now go kick your own butt!

  2. Will do, butt kicking that is. Honesty is what I need. I thrive on input. My last post had some great comments but yours really stuck. I even asked my Mr's input on my goals.