Friday, December 31, 2010

Year End & HOT 100 Last Date Update

Weight = 192.6
Loss = –2.8 from 12/14/10

Weight loss trend for the 2010image

A loss is a loss right?

I started the year at 215.6 and ended at 192.6.  That’s 23 pounds for the year.  Better than I have ever done but definitely slow progress.

I feel my body shrinking all over.  Even my Mr. feels it.  Why doesn’t my weight reflect it.  I expected more.  Ok, I know my calories were high for most of the most of the month, so is MORE, realistic? NO!

If there was an award for making the most changes (fitness, mental, inches) without changing at all (weight) then I would be the number one contender.  I have been in the 190 to 195 range since the beginning of August, 5 months.

HOT 100 Last Date Update
I can’t believe 100 days are gone.  My baby is 100 days closer to being 2.  I am 100 days older.  100 days passed and I didn’t do much on the weight loss front.

Hot 100 Goals 9/23 to 12/31/10

  • To reach a BMI of 29.9 - Overweight and no longer OBESE. I have to reach 174 pounds. My current weight is 193 (rounding), So I will drop 19 pounds by 12-31-10. That will be a total of 42 pounds for 2010. Revised on 11/16 to 186.0.  Didn’t make either goal.
  • Take 4 inches of my waist measurements  - Start at 48, end at 45.5, dropped 2.5 inches.  Close but not enough.
  • Drink a minimum of 72oz of water daily. Met this one daily

I want to thank Steve at Log my Loss for the challenge.  What I enjoyed the most was meeting new people.  Everyone has a story.


  1. So, okay, you didn't meet those goals. But you did make progress! Inches and pounds. Your chart shows a definite trend in the right direction:) And, as you said, there are many changes not reflected by the scale. So, good for you!

  2. Good for you on your progress! Set some new goals and step it up so you can achieve them! Keep up on the water but find a way to reduce those calories so you can have success. I wish you well!

  3. 23 pounds is 23 less than last year, so that is good. Onward and upward! Best of luck and health in the new year...

    Polar's Mom

  4. Embrace your success!
    inches are far more important than lbs. If you're losing inches, then your bodies is going through positive change. This is a necessary part of the the journey. Losing weight is a learning process. The journey is one of learning and understanding who you are and what got you that point so you can fully understand what to change. Only then will those changes stick and become part to the new you. I am confident with the kettlebell workouts and your renewed focus on diet that you will be seeing significant gains in the next few months. You are off to a great start.