Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 12/14/10

Weight = 195.4
Loss = +3.4


It was ugly.  I feel like a fraud.  I will get over it.

After a good sob and a ton of anger I sat down and thought about the why.  I have never had this much trouble with the scale.  I don't understand it.  I am frustrated.  Over 3 pounds is crazy.  I feel it everywhere.

My thoughts!!

The Cleanse
Maybe the Jillian Michael's Detox is doing a number on my body.  I know its doing a number on my bottom half.

Water retention
TMI - I know I am retaining water.  I wore a bra for 20 min the am.  I took it off to shower and I had a huge red welt underneath.  The welt was there for a better part of the next 1/2 hour.  My tummy is bloated and puffy.

My intensity and time skyrocketed.  Maybe this is also playing a game with my body.  The Kettlebells are strength training and cardio.

Ok so I haven't been a 100% perfect.  Who the hell is.  But all year I was never 100% perfect and I still lost weight.  I have been writing what I eat for the last week.  No counts just a general list.

I am going to keep on trucking.  Continue with the exercise, water, work on the food.  The cleanse ends tomorrow so maybe next week will be completely different (better).  I just don't know right now.

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  1. Frustrating, especially when it does not make sense. It's one thing to eat horrible and see the scale respond. I bet you find a drop next week.