Friday, December 3, 2010

Week Recap and an NSV

It has been crazy here.  I haven't posted since Tuesday and that is not like me.

Part of the crazy started on Tuesday when toddler (on Mr's watch) washed my contacts down the drain.  This is a BIG problem for me.  I wear hard contacts like 90% of my day and I am blind as a bat.  My glasses are not strong enough to give me the same clarity as my contacts.  It takes 3 days to get a new pair of contacts.  I was in a fog for those days.  It reminds me how much my sight is a handicap for me.

I didn't get to do my inches - busy.  Hopefully sometime this weekend.

My NSV (non scale victory)
Last night hubby and I went on a date night.  Our date night consisted of our first kettle bell class, beer and food while sitting an an actual bar (never happens anymore w/ kids), and the a quick trip to Lowe's to look at bathroom stuff.  The kettle bell class was interesting.  Since hubby and I are newbies the instructor focused on us and teaching us the very basics of form.  It was still aerobic and we both broke a sweat in the 45 min class.  Hubby had a hard time with the form.  He couldn't get it right.  He was also huffing and puffing.  Me - got the form down pretty quickly and very little huffing.  Today hubby is whiny about how sore he is.  Me - nothing.  Yes, physically he can kick my butt and does things I can't (push ups, pull ups, longer running) but last night is was clear I have a much higher fitness level then him.  Whoo hoo.

We decided what to do with our $200.  We are going to invest in more Kettle bell classes.  It is something we can do together - bonus.  The kids can hangout at the class - it is inside a preschool tumbling room (sweet).  Eventually we can take what we learn and invest in kettle bell for home.

Food is still an issue for me right now. 

Bonus - we finally got a new computer.  I will probably be spending a better part of weekend getting it set up.  So excited.


  1. I'd love to try kettlebells! Nice to kick some hubby butt now and then:)

  2. That is so great that you are going to be doing something together with your hubby!

  3. Funny on how the toddler incidences seem to happen on daddys watch! One of my daycare kids came here with blue sharpie marker ALL over her body on daddys watch.

    Nice on the exercise! Keep it up and you'll be abl to kick his butt soon! :-)