Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Sweaty mess

There was a kid party with pizza on Monday.  I left before the pizza arrived since El Diablo was done (almost 2 hrs past naptime).  Pizza is a super duper red lighter for me.  Today I have a holiday potluck play date for toddler.  I plan bring some tea with me.  I will consciously eat.  I get into trouble when I don’t think about what or how much I eat.

I have to do some menu planning for the parents visit and the holidays.  I plan on taking a stab at Prime rib for Christmas, a new one for me.  Tomorrow I am trying a new crock pot chicken chili. 

Since hubby went out with friends I was only able to attend the kettlebell class, not the kickboxing.  Let’s just say I was a sweaty mess.  Paul (the trainer) kicked out butts.  I almost felt like puking.  It’s the first time in a long time where I feel I am getting the most of a group exercise class.  I did no-knee push ups many times.  I am not at the point where I consider it a full push up.  A full push up to me is where you nearly touch the ground with your chest like below.

pushup B – Bacon, onion, tom quiche, avoided 70% of the crust.  L- ~1C goldfish, mozz cheese, Campbell's Select Harvest Tomato bisque (2 srv).  S – D – smoothie – 1.2 banana, 1 lg scoop natural PB, 1 scoop chocolate protein, 2 scoops Greek yogurt splash of milk, 3 slices of rye with butter.  Dr – black tea SM x2, oolong x3, 72 oz water.  Ex – Kettlebell class

Eval on food – I was a bit too full at lunch not stuffed.  I could have pulled back of the portions and felt better.  I defiantly could have avoided the rye toast with butter.  But honestly it was yummy.  I had both the smoothie and bread after K-bell class late in the pm.


  1. I did the chest, shoulders, triceps P90X DVD last night, and realized I am a push up mutant.

    Half the pushups I did were knees down, and half were full plank. HOWEVER, I don't know what is wrong with me because I cannot do them and keep my elbows close to my sides. I feel like a wacko when I do them, thank goodness I am in my own living room.

    I'm glad I did them all, but boy do my boobs hurt today.

    Polar's Mom

  2. Amy, this seems like a success! Way to go, girl. Lots to be proud of.

  3. Polar's mom - I am still a bit sore. I have a ton of weight on my upper half, I think that is my limiting factor to getting a full Push up.

    I love my Kelllebells.