Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sleep Derailment

I swear nothing derails me more than sleep deprivation.  In my ripe old age of 37, sleep has become very important.  Especially now when I am in the middle of a new exercise program and ramp up.*  I need the recovery sleep. 

Last night was rough with El Diablo toddler (21 months).  He woke up crying around 11 pm.  We were still up having a good talk.  Diablo woke with a smelly diaper (odd) which had turned into a painful rash.  We tried for an hour to get him back down.  Eventually ( time?), he ended up restlessly sleeping in our bed.  At points I had feet kicking me or a body laying on my head.  He woke up about 5am and then roughly snoozed for another hour.

when I am sleep deprived, the first thing I want to turn to is food.  I want it to make me feel better, take away the headache, wrap me with comfort and warmth.  But, those foods I want to turn to are laced with sugar and carbs.

I feel like a train wreck and it's only 8:30am.  The hubby and the Diablo are cranky.  The To Do list is hefty.  The big boy is bugging for a tree and Christmas decor - none of which have been done.  Wish me luck.

* Exercise
Hubby and I committed to 6 months of professional Kettlebell classes.  This week so far:
Sun = 50 hill walk on treadmill
Mon = 45 min Kettlebell class
Tue = 45 min Kettlebell class
Wed = 50 min hill walk on treadmill
Thur = planned 45 min Kettlebell class at 6pm

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  1. I don't miss those nights at all. Except you now, even when they are 18 and not sleeping well mama isn't either.
    It will get better, you will do what you must do. I just take times and lots of effort which you are putting forth awesomely.
    Keep it up. Take care and tyr nad et a good night sleep tonight. God Bless!!