Thursday, December 23, 2010

Show Me Your Muscles

You ever have one of those days where you know you shouldn’t do something but you do it anyway.  Why does a 37 year old women still have to fight a child inside her?  I didn’t need a second tortilla filled with Chicken Fajitas,et al and I didn't need to eat the 4 cookies after dinner.

My parents are coming to town tonight.  We have a ton of work today around the house but I am not going to stress it.  It will get done and if it doesn't oh well.  I have some more menu planning a food shopping to do.  Tonight hubby and I are going to k-bell class to get our butts beat. 

NSV (non Scale victory) – I made a BICEP MUSCLE.  You know the move, where you flex your arm to make a bicep muscle.  In the past I could never feel a significant muscle.  My arms have never really been flabby, but never toned.  Hubby laughed at me, in a cute way.

B – Coach’s Oats w/ protein pwd, flax meal. 2 tsp sugar.  S – Costco samples (cheese, tamale, potatoes, ravioli), only 1 each.  L – 2 slices rye, 2 slices Munster, 4 slices turkey, mayo.  D – 2 tortillas, chicken, peppers, onions, beans (black & refried), sc, 1 tsp guac, cheese and tortilla chips.  S – hot cocoa, apples with PB dip, 4 butter cookies.  Dr – Tea SM, herbal tea SM - 2x Water 48 oz.


  1. I'm smiling as I picture you making that muscle:) Costco samples... ooohhh! This time of year is the worst. Or best. Depending how you look at it.

  2. I am a big sucker for the Costco samples. I love Costco and the samples add to my love. Maybe not the best idea but the quanity is low.

  3. Yay to your new muscle! Many congrats are in order because that means you've busting your bum.


  4. Thanks. I feel goofy silly happy when I get excited about my progress and new muscles. According to my trainer's fat % device I am 130 pound of lean mass.