Friday, December 17, 2010

Scale Hiatus

As scary as it is to me I have decided I am taking a scale hiatus.  I will be asking hubby to hide it.  OK, so maybe I don't have to be that extreme.  But I decided I will not step on the dam lovely thing until 12/31/10.  I need to see where my HOT 100 numbers are on 12/31 and I need to see how I will be beginning my New Year.

I will be skipping 2 Tuesday weigh ins.

I am scared.

So I sound crazy.  But with all the issues I have been having I worry that 12/31 will equal 200 pound or more.

For the next 2+ weeks I will:
drink my water and decaf tea
attend Kettlebell Class 2-3 days per week
hill walk on my buddy (treadmill) 2 or more days
attend Cardio Kickboxing at least 1x or more
work on having better eating days*
attend a yoga class (hopefully, it's been too long)

*Lately my days are 70% good and 30% not so much.  I want to reach the point where I have a good full day or more.

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  1. Wow, Amy, this sounds great, and I think that you have some GREAT things planned. Nice!