Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

I think I may be more affected by the sun than I think.  I live in sunny southern California.  For the last 6 days in has been raining nearly non-stop.  It has been dumping well over an inch a day.  Our soil, if that’s what you want to call it, can’t adsorb all the rain.  Everything is flooded, dry creek beds are now torrential rivers, my backyard is a lake.  Point is I have been having major trouble sleeping.  I can’t figure it out.

Yesterday was a crazy day.  The potluck play date lunch was at 11 am super close to when I had breakfast.  I was stuffed.  Most of the day I felt that way.  The boy scouts made their own pizza today at a local joint.   I decided to buy myself a French bread boat piazza.  I shared with another mom, we at about 3:30 pm.  I felt stuffed again.  K-Bell class is at 6:15m so I wasn’t going to eat anymore before class. 

My body is beat.  K-bell class on Monday was insane and then last night added to the pain.  Even though last night we spend more time on technique, it still made me sweat.  There is few parts on my body that DON’T hurt.

Hubby said my arms are thinner and more toned.  I don’t think my weight is lower.  At this point I will be surprised if I see a loss on 12.31.  I am pretty sure I will be below that insane high of 195 but I don’t think I will break thru the 190 barrier.  My eating habits of late are not indicative of a loss.

B – Kashi Go lean crunch w/ Milk.  L – sm bagel w/ cream cheese & cranberries, banana chip muffin, apples with PB dip (cream cheese, PB, brown sugar).  S/D – French bread Hi style pizza 80% of it.  D – Chicken chili – just beans, chicken, corn and salsa, more apples with peanut butter.   Dr – Tea SM x2, water 65 oz


  1. But you're working it, and making pretty good choices, IMHO. Remember to take time to enjoy the holiday! Vee at

  2. I thought you were going offline.

    After today, it will be enjotment time, minus all the cooking.