Saturday, December 4, 2010

Numbers (Hot 100 update)

Where am I now?  An update of sorts to get me to the end of year.  I set some Hot 100 goals about 90 days ago, so I will use those as a guideline.  The goals are for 12/31/10.

Goal #1 = 186 pounds (adjusted)
I haven't checked in a few days but I am lower than my Tuesday weight.  Somewhere around 191.  I have a way to go here.  I REALLY want to see a 18X by the end of the year.

Goal #2 = lower waist from 48 inches to 44.
I measured 45 3/8 today.  Almost there.  My waist and hips are the only place I lost inches since early September.  I actually gained an inch in my upper thigh (9" above knee).  That's ok, I am at 23 inches there, still pretty small.

Goal #3 = 72 oz water daily
Faltering here with the colder weather.  Mistake, I know.  My total liquid intake is probably still above 72oz but it is a combo of tea and water.  Needs to be just water.

Two nice compliments today.  One about Thursday's Kettle Bell class.  Friend noticed I caught on quick and used great form.  I'll take it.  Two was my friend who took my measurements.  When I was surprised my thighs got bigger, she said the were already super small and if they get smaller I won't be able to stand up.


  1. So, why just water and not tea? I've been counting tea for mine, decaf. Looks like great progress:)

  2. half the time my tea is not decaf. I just know I feel better if I stay on top of my water.

  3. Ohhhh....small thighs! How I would love to hear that just once in my life. How great that you have them! Keep on keeping on...sounds like you are on the right path.

  4. With a big big tummy. I wish I was a pear but no, I am an apple shape all the way. My tummy at it's widest is 5 inches bigger then both my thighs around.