Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Meanderings

After my last post I decided to not step on the scale Sun or today.  My Tuesday weigh in is completely up in the air.  I am scared.  It could be ugly.

After 5 straight days of heavy exercise I rested on Friday and unintentionally took Saturday off.  Sunday I managed to hit the treadmill for 30 min.  It was interrupted multiple times by the mini peni in the house.  Tonight is Kettlebells.

Why is it when you eat something off the healthy scale like a bagel with cream cheese you want more?  But when you eat something on the healthy scale like, egg whites or oatmeal you are satisfied and don't need / want more food.  Today I had a bagel with cream cheese.  It was delish but I wasn't satisfied.  I wanted another (didn't).  I imagine I could probably eat 3 without thought.  When I eat my normal breakfast I don't get this way.  Is is a carb thing?  Do those carbs play that many tricks on my head or body for that matter?

Why is hard to drink water when the weather is colder?  Not that its cold here, it's over 80 degrees on Dec 13th.

Our new computer is still waiting to be set up.  Can someone find me 4 or more uninterrupted hours to get the thing set up and all our stuff transferred.  I did manage to get it unpacked and set on the desk.  Mind you I was able to do this after sweeping all the crap on the desk into a box.

I have no idea what to get a get my hubby who is wants for nothing.  He is a simple guy with simple demands.  Plus he is thrifty.  He wants big ticket items.  Like a boat.

Nothing is cuter than a toddler (in diaper) and a nearly 7yo (in underwear) playing with the hose.  Love it.

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  1. That food thing is sooo true for me... I tend to want more when I eat the off plan foods and not when I eat the good ones. I think for me that I am indeed "sensitive" to carbs, but it could also be that they are a psychological trigger as much as a physiological one. But if you read Kessler's book he has good evidence to back up the whole notion that certain foods leave us wanting more. And I agree on the water thing. Thus my current tea drinking:) My husband is hard too. Fortunately, since we bought a new Tivo we counted that as our gifts and are only doing stocking for each other.