Friday, December 10, 2010

Hot 100 Update - Week 11

I am kicking ass.  Well, sort of.  I kicked up my exercise routine big time.  This is my week so far.
Sun = 50 hill walk on treadmill
Mon = 45 kettlebell class
Tue = 45 kettlebell class
Wed = 50 hill walk on treadmill
Thur = 45 min kettlebell class AND 60 min cardio kick boxing class

I probably burned 800 calories last night.  I did both classes at my full speed.  I had very few modifications.  I took a few mini breaks during the bag punching and kicking (I was exhausted).  I feel great today, a bit tired (didn't sleep well). 

The scale hasn't budged since Tuesday.  I expect more from it.  My eating is vastly improving but not 100% yet.  For the sake of full disclosure, I have been taking Jillian Michaels Detox and Cleanse for 3 days (4 left).  You perform the cleanse along with a regular diet.  I was hoping it will kick start me for the holiday crunch.

Water - excellent.  I drank 48 oz during and after my workout last night along the with rest of my water for the day.

Waist - about 1.5 inches to go.  I think I will make this goal. 

Weight = still around 192.  Something crazy will have to happen for me to hit 186.


  1. Ignore the scale for a bit and just keep eating right and exercising and it will happen!

  2. Wowza on that exercise! Did you hear Jillian is leaving BL?

  3. Still not sure anyone actually sees my responses. Gotta look into it.

    I am not suprised she is leaving. She doesn't agree with many of the things on it. Like Extra gum - artifical sweeteners are a no no. I don't think she or Bob for that matter agree with the GAME part of it.