Sunday, December 19, 2010

Food Journal

I tried.  Blogger doesn’t allow individual posts on the extra pages.  At least that’s what I found.  I will be putting my food log on here.  It will be short and sweet so to not to bore anyone.  I will be abbreviating so I will add a sidebar.  I will post the next day.  I mostly work on the computer in the am.  Since I don’t write something everyday, there may be days where all I have is my food list.

1C of tea is about 18oz, I have big mugs
SM – Tea with milk and sugar, ~ 1 tsp sugar per cup
US  - Unsweetened tea
(B) – Binge in my opinion, ate too many, didn’t stop
(S) – Felt stuffed, ate too much
Dr – Drinks
Ex - Exercise
2X – 2 large cups
WW = Whole wheat bread

(12/18) B - Coach's Oats w/ flax & 2 tsp sugar, 4 turkey sausage.  L - 2 slice Low Cal WW, 2 slice havarti, 2 slice turkey, grey poupon.  S - large slice banana bread, 2 srv PopChips.  D - potato soup, add cheese, bacon & asparagus (S).  10 butter cookies (B).  Dr - Black tea SM 2x, oolong 2x US, ~24 oz water. Ex - none

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