Saturday, December 18, 2010

Food Journal, Saturday Musings, etc

The last 2 weeks I have been working with our Kettlebell trainer.  We have been discussing goals and a “To Do” list to reach our goals.  I say “our” because he is helping hubby and I both.
The first thing he wants us to do is write down everything we eat.  Basically he won’t know what to change until he know what there is TO change.  Now, I know this goes against what I believe in but I am willing to do this so I can break thru my 190 roadblock and get my weight loss moving in the right direction in 2011.  I want to reach my ultimate goal weight in 2011.  Wow, I wrote it down.

I have actually been writing down my food for about the last 2 weeks.  It’s not making me crazy.  I think it’s when I track cals, etc that the crazy comes out to play.

I want to put my food log on the blog.  However I don’t want to bore you with the details.  Logging my food here was never my intention for this blog.  So I will try to use the page tab for my food log.  We will see if it works.

Scale hiatus is going well.  I was tempted today but I stopped myself.

I had this great plan for Saturday am.  i was going to get up and take the kids with me to Cardio kickboxing (7:45 am) and possibly Kettlebell class (7 am).  Then I was going to pay a sitter so I could finish some shopping and then a yoga class.  The Diablo had other plans.

Back story – both my kids have sensitive gag reflexes.  There has been times where El Diablo will upchuck his bottle of milk for no reason.  He did this Friday morning, so I thought no big deal.  About 1.5 hours (12:30am ish) after I fell asleep Fri night he woke up crying (ouch for me).  I tried to just sit in the room and let him put himself to bed.  Hubby wasn’t happy with it so he made a bottle.  20 min later, upchuck, I stayed in his bedroom, sick again later, finally he fell asleep only to wake again at 5am.  I tried a small bottle, sick again and fought going back to bed with a mega watt tantrum, including throwing things.  Back down for about an hour until 7:30am.  So I rightly cancelled the sitter in case he is sick.  Not sure, he ate breakfast with no problems and the activity level is normal.
Sometimes it seems like the universe wants to blow my plans,  I believe in Karma and try to behave accordingly.

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  1. I think putting your food out here under another page is a great idea. I toyed with actually starting another blog just to journal my food, hoping it might bring some accountability. But... I got hung up before I even started trying to come up with a name. What an excuse!