Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dear Amy

Lyn from Escape From Obesity had a great New Years idea I want to do here.  Basically write a letter to yourself.
Where you are now (weight, physical condition, how you feel)
What you want to accomplish in 2011
How will you get there?
What do you hope to see for yourself on December 30, 2011? How are you different? How has your life changed?
A note to your future self.
Dear Amy,
I feel strong.  I guesstimate I am around 190, I will find out on 12-31.  My body is morphing with the consistent K-bell exercise.  My stomach is gaining definition and my arms are shrinking.  My legs are even more chickeny then before.  My tummy sides are shrinking and I have indents on the side of my belly.  The belly is still by far your biggest feature.  The definition in the arms is about to come thru.

In 2011 you will hit your goal weight of 140.  That is about a 50 pound loss.  It will be a hard road but 2010 prepared you for it.  2011 will be the final push.  You will get a handle on binging.  The unconscious eating will be under control.  Or even eating when you know you shouldn’t be. 

On Dec 30, 2011 I see a stronger, leaner me.  I see my collarbone, definition in my arms and a smaller stomach.  I see someone who knows how to eat correctly and does so regularly.  I see someone where exercise is a part of her everyday, just like getting dressed.  I will get here by focusing on my eating.  The calories will go way down from where they have been.  Exercise will stay on the same track it has been on, no long breaks.

I have changed.  I am far more aware of how I treat myself all around.  There is room for improvement but I am far better than I was before.  My shape has changed drastically.  Sure I get exhausted and fatigued from the exercise but I love it.  Sure sometimes I will have food challenges along with emotional challenges.

Future self - You knew you could do it and YOU DID.  Trust yourself everyday.
With love,


  1. Dear Amy,

    Love it! Can't wait to see your year and future self come to fruition.