Saturday, December 11, 2010

Can't Throw in the Towel

I am a habitual scale stepper.  There I admitted it.  In the 330 days (11 months), and 195 posts, I have been blogging about my weight loss journey I habitually step on the scale.  My official weigh in day is Tuesdays, unless I am out of town.  During my week I may step on the scale 2 to 5 more times during the week.  I didn't put too much stock in the other weigh ins.  Just a quick check - "ok still on track" or "cool look at that number" or "yeah, those food choices weren't great".

Until this month The scale reflected my efforts with exercise and food.  I knew it was an honest reflection.  I was accepting of what I saw.

I mentioned earlier I am frustrated with the scale this month week.  Some suggestions were to ignore the scale, continue what you are doing.  The main voice in the suggestions was my hubby.  Even today I can't throw in the towel.  I stepped on the scale and I wanted to chuck it thru the window.  3 pounds up from yesterday and there is no hormonal excuse for that.  I haven't seen 195 in forever - WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like if I forget the scale I will balloon up 20 pounds instantly.

I am pissed, frustrated and let's not forget dead on my feet AGAIN.  I went scrapbooking last night.  Got home past midnight, in bed around 1am.  Baby woke at 1:20 am, then again around 3am (can't remember), hubby up a 4am for work and baby up at 6:15 am for the day.  Why is it when you need sleep from enjoying yourself, the kids inevitably decide to be turkeys in the middle of the night.  I am seriously thinking it is not worth it for me to go out late at night.  At least not the days hubby is working.  Which for the next 3 days I am basically solo with the 2 kids.  No rest for the Wicked.


  1. Oh I hear ya! The scale. It is fickle. I weigh daily and have for more years than I can remember. I am better now, finally, at not letting the number impact me as much as I used to. I finally had my epiphany this year thanks to a very wise blogger that we can't control the scale, we can only control our own actions. I feel that weighing is like most of dieting, we each have to find what works for us. I hope yours is cooperating soon! Don't get discouraged!!!!

  2. You've added in Kettlebells recently. You KNOW that if this happened to someone else, you would realize this is water weight from the newly swollen muscles that are developing. You are doing a great job drinking water. This will adjust. The habitual scale hopping just adds in frustration. Okay, at least that is what I'm reading from your post and it plays with my head when I do it too. I have really had to get strict with MYSELF on the scale. Once a week on official weigh-in day only. I realize that's not right for everyone, but for me, I'd go crazy - either b/c I was stressed my weight was up or because I'd be disappointed when an earlier weigh in was less than "official" weigh-in. Anyway, you need to keep peace of mind. Do what you need to do to get there. Even if it means choosing sleep on days hubby is gone. Like Karen said - don't get discouraged! You are back on track!!!